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Current Group


Taubert Lab early 2022


Prof. Dr. Andreas Taubert, PI

Professor of Supramolecular & Materials Chemistry

Office hours: by appointment --- Sprechstunde: nach Absprache

​​Office: Haus 25 Zi. B.0.16-17

​T: 0049 (0)331 977 5773

E: ataubert (at)

Daniela Höpfner, Administrative Staff

Office: Haus 25, Zi. D.2.18

T: 0049 (0)331 977 5181
F: 0049 (0)331 977 5054
E: daniela.hoepfner (at)

Group organization, finances, and general management

Anne Nitschke, Technical Staff

Haus 25, Zi. B.010-11

T: 0049 (0)331 977 5127

E: annitsch (at)

Thermogravimetric analysis, N2 sorption, water treatment, lab courses, LOTS of other stuff

Stefan Mies, Technical Staff

Haus 25, Zi. B.010-11

T: 0049 (0)331 977 5127

E: stefmies (at)

Differential scanning calorimetry, Karl-Fischer-titration, lab courses, and MANY other things

Dr. Gloria Olorunnisola, Postdoc

Haus 25, Zi. B.010-11

T: 0049 (0)331 977 5127

E: ugwujac (at)

Ceramic filters for water treatment, photocatalysis, filtration

AvH Georg Forster Fellow

Dr. Biswajit Bhattacharyya, Postdoc

Haus 25, B.0.10-11

​T: 0049 (0)331 977 5763

E: bhattacharyya (at)

Metal-containing ionic liquids, nanoparticles, optical nanomaterials,

Damilare Olorunnisola, M.Sc., PhD student

Haus 25 Zi. B.0.19-20

T: 0049 (0)331 977 2416

E: olorunnisola7873 (at)

Solid phase extraction, pharmaceuticals as contaminants, SPE

DAAD PhD Fellow

Morenike Adesina, M.Sc., PhD student

Haus 26, Zi. 2.28/2.29

T: 0049 (0)331 977 5193


Porous materials for water treatment, photocatalysis

DAAD PhD Fellow

Alyna Lange, M.Sc., PhD student

Haus 25 Zi. B.0.19-20,

T: 0049 (0)331 977 2416

E: alylange (at)

Proton conduction in ionic liquids, ion diffusion, fuel cells

Poster Prize ILMAT VI 2021

Inga Block, M.Sc., PhD student

Haus 25 Zi. B.0.19-20

​T: 0049 (0)331 977 2416

E: iblock (at)

Water treatment materials, magnetic separation, endocrine disruptors

Poster Prize JCF Spring Meeting 2022

Spokesperson JCF Potsdam 2019-2022

Matthias Schneider, M.Sc., PhD student

Haus 25 Zi. B.0.10-11,

T: 0049 (0)331 977 5127

E: mattschn (at)

3D printing, bioinspired materials and surfaces, surface modification

Christian Balischewski, M.Ed., PhD student

Haus 25 Zi. B.0.19-20

​T: 0049 (0)331 977 2416

E: balische (at)

Metal-containing ionic liquids, phase behavior, ion diffusion & electrolytes

Selflando Shehaj, M.Sc., PhD student

Haus 26, Zi. 2.28/2.29

T: 0049 (0)331 977 5193

E: selflando.shehaj (at)

Protic ionic liquids, zwitterions, ion transport, self-assembly

DAAD PhD Fellow

Michelle Reese, B.Sc., M.Sc. student

Haus 25


E:  michelle.reese (at)

Hybrid materials for water treatment, chromate removal


Zsuzsa Pozorski, B.Sc. student

Haus 25


E: zsuzsa.pozorski (at)

Water treatment, pharmaceuticals removal

Photographs by Thomas Roese, UP

External Members

Hyung Seok Choi, PhD student

Jana Hildebrand, PhD student

Robin Tannert, PhD student

Fatima Akhundova, PhD student

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